Change the Brain: Depression

Meditation's effect on depression equal to that of antidepressants!

Change the brain with meditation?  Studies have shown a consistant practice of meditation can preserve the aging brain, increase focus and even create postive structural changes to the brain.  An amazing attribute of meditation, found during a review study at Johns Hopkins; is the reduction in symptoms of drepression, anxiety and pain.  The study showes meditation to be equal to the effect of antidepressants!  This simple, free practice can improve the health of over 300 million sufferers; at no cost and best of all drug free! 

What do you do when you feel depressed?

Johns Hopkins review

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1. On Wednesday, August 21 2019, 10:39 by Bea

I believe everyone gets caught in a rip tide of depression from time to time. When this happens to me, I take a day to myself and watch sad movies and get in a really good cry. When I wake the next morning I am usually feeling better.

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