Drug Free Pain Relief

Pain, especially when it's chronic, can be difficult to treat.  For too long, however, the first-and sometimes only-option considered for pain management was a prescription, most commonly for opioids.

Massage – An Opioid Alternative

Everyone knows someone in their life who has taken opioids for pain.  These highly addictive medications are commonly prescribed for “Pain Management”.  When did it become acceptable to live in pain and just “manage” it…sometimes for years?  What if there were options that can reduce or even eliminate “chronic pain”?  Here is one option:

An article in the fall 2019 edition of Massage Therapy sites Massage Therapy as an alternative the opioid prescriptions.  Chronic pain has been shown to be a disease itself, of the nervous system and brain.   So, regardless of the original reason for the pain, chronic pain becomes the disease.  Massage may be one way to reprogram the body and reduce or perhaps eliminate chronic pain.  Read the article at https://www.amtamassage.org/articles/3/MTJ/detail/3983/promising-approaches-to-pain-relief.

Where do you stand on Pain Management?

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