What Does Massage Do To Vital Body Parts?

 There are over hundreds of pressure points in the human body and massaging these pressure points relieves us of not only pain, anxiety and stress but is also therapeutic. Massage improves blood circulation, relieves from pain and channelizes the flow of energy.

Most people tend to feel tense on the vital areas of the neck, shoulders, and back and working on these areas can make them feel much better, but there are other overlooked areas that can also help create a state of relaxation.

Read on to know which vital body parts to massage and what it does

  1. EARS

Ears have reflex point that can be massaged to counteract the whole body and the best part it you can do it by yourself.

The most famous anxiety releasing spot is called the ‘Shen Men’ or ‘The Gate of Heaven’ and it lies on the inside of our ear at the top, just inside the rim. Pressing it can immediately bring a state of calm by reducing stress and relieving headaches.

What you need to do is press or massage Shen Men for a minute on one ear while breathing deeply and then switch to the next.


We use our hands for a lot of things and our fingers, thumb, and wrist are a vital part of making our hands so useful. They are known as the ‘Inner Gate’ and massaging them helps calm heart palpitations. Also, massaging fingers can release tension throughout the rest of the body while massaging the thumb can bring relief to painful areas of the hand.

For a soothing experience, press your thumb on your wrist and massage it in a circular motion.


On average we take 23000+ breaths per day and we do it through our diaphragm. Such important muscle but is neglected for core and spinal stability.

We’re prone to more pain and injury if our diaphragm is not in shape making it important to maintain this core strength by getting a good massage.

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