COVID-19 & Alternative Therapy

Alternative Therapy is working hard to continue to meet your healthcare needs.

The recent events relating to the Corona Virus have made many changes in our American lifestyle.  What hasn't changed is Alternative Therapy's dedication to serve our patients and community with the best healthcare possible.  In addition to taking additional precautions upon patients entering and exiting our clinic, we are happy to announce the utilization of "Telehealth" which has recently been approved by Medicare as a viable option to physically visiting our clinic.  Telehealth is a way for patients to seek medical advice over the phone, Zoom Skype,and speak directly to Dr. Pulawski. 

At Alternative Therapy, Telehealth will work very much like a physical visit to our clinic.  Patients will call the clinic at 941-727-1500 and set up an appointment to speak with Dr. Pulawski.  Many health concerns, medical and pharmecutical questions may be handled through a phone call.  This practice will eliminate the risk of any type of infection and the visits are covered by Medicare.

Another option of Telehealth at Alternative Therapy include appoitments with Ellen Teeter, DOM, AP for herbal consults.


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